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Brand registration, brand name or patent registration are known among locals. These phrases are correct, though the most accurate expression trademark expression is. Brand registration protection, Following application and start making the application to be published.

Brand, firms / Produced by the person, the products or services they buy to be perceived by the public and contributing to the distinguishing marks, figures, and statements are or. Brand registration If this sign, To the applicant of the registration form to be registered or phrases and. Brand registration application is carried out, provided the countries concerned to apply for the patent office. Turkish Patent Institute is the competent authority for trademark registration application in Turkey. Trademark phrases that made the application before applying for trademark registration, shape or signal must be investigated. (This issue is for us to help free brand research You can benefit from our service.) Brand registration each branch of industry and commerce are classified separately. Trademark created for the classification 45 There are classes. It 45 Classes from class 1 to 34 are class goods. 35From the classes of up to 45 services are class. trademark registration application at the same time in the class of goods and services made class.

Brand registration process, first trademark registration application form which will be held, expression begins with the identification of class is included or indicated. Later trademark mark application is to be made, or in the form of statements about class availability to be checked. an unsuitable mark in the relevant class, To form or expression brand registration There will generate cost and time loss of contact. if the brand registration The brand will be available in the relevant class also filed; brand registration Reference is performed. Applications for trademark registration of the Turkish Patent Institute conducted after review of the application have been applied and the positive decides to publish the publication Brand newsletter. If the assessment is negative, the trademark application is rejected. opened Release brand registration Reference publication 3. Presented the objections of People. Nobody objected connects to the document. Turkish Patent Institute, together with the Objections opinion revenues brand appeal are assessed by the Turkish Patent Institute and presented objections trademark Makes a decision to apply for. how to perform the application of trademark registration to be understood from this description is important to manage the process so it is also important. an incorrect decision will be made in the process create losses in terms of both material time. (For more information about the process Brand registration process You can read our article.)

Brand registration It is a process that must be managed and professionally done. If you also trademark If you want to make the application; Let us help you with issues related to both the application and will make both processes together can rule.



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