Copyright It is often confused with the patent law. However, products made copyright protection for ideas and are protected under trademark law and the protection of works of art in patents 551 No. and 556 No. The scope of protection is defined in the decrees.

Copyright It first needs to understand the concept of work in order to fully understand the services. and the idea was accepted as a work of art according to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works to be taken under protection;

  • Intellectual effort is the product of a,
  • The characteristics of the transport owners,
  • Be shaped,
  • Enter one of the types of work listed in the Law, must.

Same way Copyright The scope of work to be done in order to obtain protection must comply with the following types of work.

  • Scientific and literary works
  • Musical works
  • Virtu
  • Cinema works
  • Development and Compilations

Copyright scope is the author of the following rights.

Author of Spiritual Rights Owner:

  • Public right to supply
  • Specifying the authority's name
  • Is not that a change in the work authorization
  • Author and rights of owners against the possessor

The Financial Rights;

  • Processing Rights: More than a trace of the non-independent and carrying this work by utilizing the characteristics of the right to bring about functioning ideas and art products,
  • Replication Rights: original or copy of a work, any shape or method, completely or partially, directly or indirectly, Temporary or permanent removal of a copy or copies of.
  • Right of Distribution: to hire the original or replicated copies of a work physical, to lend, put up for sale or is the right to distribute in other ways.
  • Right of Representation: Without a trace, or directly sign, Read with tools for audio or pictures in public places transplant, play, play and the right to benefit as represented by the show
  • Transmission Right to Public: the original or copies of a work radio-TV , such as satellite and cable or by wireless or wired broadcasting institutions including digital transmission signal including audio and / or video is broadcast with the means for transporting.

Copyright; Positioned in a circle "C" indicated by the letter. © symbol "copyright" as also emerges in many places.

Copyright Our service is not dependent on the Ministry of Culture through the Turkish Patent Institute Copyright It is carried out through the General Directorate.

You are also Copyright Your idea of ​​the works in question is available, please contact us.


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